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The Details

We are more than a daycare. Our goal is to prepare your child for Kindergarten while creating a fun and inviting atmosphere to learn among friends.

We offer beginning reading, number skills, writing skills, art, music, social studies, and many more opportunities to make preschool experience rich and exciting.


The Cost

Our Pre-K cost is based on the average cost of today's daycare and preschool, but offering much more. Your tuition goes a long way when it comes to Eastside Christian Academy. You receive a quality education and instruction from experienced teachers and caregivers. We use your tuition to cover supplies, curriculum and quality teachers to assist you in loving and educating your children. For tuition, see the detailed prices below.

We are pleased that you are interested in our Childcare Ministry at Eastside Christian Academy.  At Eastside we aim to be the best childcare ministry that the city of Terre Haute has to offer.  We will offer a safe, Christian environment for your child to begin their journey in the classroom.  


Weekly Price = $150.00*

Registration Fee = $100.00 (non-refundable)

Book & Craft Fee = $100 (Yearly Fee)

Security deposit $150 

*Weekly price is not dependent upon attendance.

Thanks for Registering!

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