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Day 17: Remember your benefits

Forget not all His benefits (Psalms 103:2)

Imagine an employee being ignorant of the benefits in his compensation package. What would you think if he pays for all his medical bills, but has health insurance? He would be either ignorant or foolish. Unfortunately, we as the peo- ple of God, often do this in our spiritual lives. The Psalmist says, “Bless the Lord, oh my soul, and forget not all His benefits, who forgives all your iniquities, who heals all your diseases . . .” (Psalms 103:2,3). We are instructed to deliberately remember what is in our “salvation package.” The obvious implication is this: If we don’t re- member, we will believe we have to pay for things that have already been given to us.

We can’t forget what we have never known. Some Christians are unaware that healing and other benefits are part of our “salvation package.” The Greek word sozo is translated “to save” in the New Testament; but it also means “to heal,” “to deliver,” and “to be made whole.” It is refreshing that now there is a growing understanding that healing and transforming forgiveness are still benefits for the Christian, and are not just occasional sovereign blessings. “Not forgetting” is more than a onetime event. It is a life-long contending for God’s total benefit package for mankind. Truly, let’s tell our soul to bless God and to radi- cally remember how good He really is.

Today's Declaration

God is continually revealing to me my benefits as a Christian. I contend for these in my soul; and, thus, experi- ence them more and more in my life.

Checklist to Ignite Faith: ___ BR ___ RD ___ DD ___OD ___ NF

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