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Day 24

Walking Off of a Two Story Spiritual Roof

Meditate on . . . the law day and night (Joshua 1:8)

Can you imagine someone walking off a two-story roof, breaking his leg and then blaming God for what hap- pened? That would be ridiculous. Well, that is in essence what some do by ignoring the laws of the spirit. A law is “a scientific fact or phenomenon that is un- changed under given conditions” (Encarta World English Dictionary). The law of gravity is an example of this. It needs to be understood and allowed to control every day deci- sions or there could be serious consequences! It is also foolish to not live by spiritual laws – which are just as real and also must be grasped and applied. Scripture speaks of these laws, or spiritual principles, that ultimately control the natural dimension that we live in. It is important that we understand that there are truths to be esteemed for safe and successful living (whether it is the law of honor, honesty, sexual purity, agreement, sowing and reaping, tith- ing, faith, or speaking life). Only a fool would think that our choices, thoughts, and words have no consequences. So, are you walking off a two-story roof in the spirit realm, thinking you can defy the laws of the spirit? It won’t work. You’ll get hurt. Cry out now for the heavenly wisdom to know what is real and true. You won’t be sorry. You’ll be blessed.

Declare: I love God’s laws. They are revealed to me daily. Through Jesus I walk in the laws of God.

Checklist to Ignite Faith: ___ BR ___ RD ___ DD ___OD ___ NF

We often think we need to hold on to feelings of guilt to keep ourselves “in check,” rather than embrace a new identity that will produce “new fruit.”

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