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Day 18

Presumptuous Faith

Abraham . . . was strengthened in faith (Rom. 4:20)

There are two common areas where presumptuous faith occurs. The first is when we make faith decisions pri- marily through someone else’s revelation (i.e. refusing medical treatment “by faith” because of another’s testi- mony).

The second can happen when we believe for a very specific, personal blessing (i.e. receiving that promotion, marrying so & so, having God providing for or vindicating us in that way, etc.).

Presumptuous faith is grounded more on our emotions than on God’s word.

It can be avoided by remembering these three important things:

1. Build hope before “claiming” something specific by faith – Hope is a general, abounding optimism concern- ing the future. A positive stronghold of hope decreases the likelihood that we will believe that God can only meet our need in one way.

2. Strengthen faith by believing for small things – Pre- sumptuous people want to express a $1,000,000 faith when they have not even used their faith on the $100 level.

3. Walk with others concerning faith – Stay away from cynics and doubters. Find people who can help discern pre- sumption from real faith. Also, trust God to use spiritual mentors in clarifying His will and His voice.

Declare: I am strengthened in faith daily. My belief system is built on a solid foundation of hope. I am protected from presumptuous faith by hope, wisdom, and powerful people in my life.

Checklist to Ignite Faith: ___ BR ___ RD ___ DD ___OD ___ NF

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