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Day 16

End Times Theology

The gospel of the kingdom . . . (Matthew 24:14)

What do you believe about the end times? Will there be revival or will the world “go to hell in a hand basket” be- fore Jesus returns? Will the church limp into heaven or will she have “made herself ready” and become the bride “with- out spot or wrinkle?” Our answers are crucial.

Matthew 24:14 says that the “gospel of the kingdom will be preached in every nation” before the end. Scriptur- ally, the kingdom gospel demonstrates power with signs and wonders following. That does not sound like a weak church in the last hour.

One obstacle to having a victorious end time mind-set is that many theologians seem to place most of the Bible’s positive last days’ promises in the millennium. End times books reinforce this mind-set; thus, our responsibility and expectation for kingdom advancement is diminished.

Consider this question: If a prophecy of judgment is given against a certain place, should Christians run to or run from that place? Biblical promises and commands would say, “Go and be salt. Preserve this place. Your presence will withhold devastation, save the people and make the differ- ence.” Why don’t we think this way more? Could it be that we believe incorrectly about the end times?

Declare: The church is triumphant. The end time church will be a “revival church” full of power and Christ-likeness.

Checklist to Ignite Faith: ___ BR ___ RD ___ DD ___OD___ NF

Our expectancy largely creates our future. Expectancy is simply another word for faith.
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