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Day 15

Never Enough?

. . . works . . . or the hearing of faith (Galatians 3:2,5)

The devil wants us to believe that we are not doing enough to see revival happen. “If you do a little more,” he says, “then it will really happen.” He wants us to think that we are constantly falling short. He tempts us to focus more on doing than on believing.

“There isn’t enough unity for revival.” “People aren’t praying enough.” “You should have fasted one more day.” “You haven’t gone long enough without sinning in that area.”

We must resist the temptation to think that these fruits of revival are the cause of revival. If we don’t, we will believe we are not ready or deserving of a continual outpouring. This negative belief can actually be a main blockage to our revival experience.

Again, many say, “Breakthrough and revival are ‘just around the corner.’ We’re close, but . . .” Someone must respond to this by saying, “No! Revival began on the day of Pentecost in Acts 2. It’s not about working more for it, but it’s about believing that Jesus has already done everything that we could never do. He’s done enough! Let us by faith release the manifestation of revival now!”

Declare: I am walking in personal revival. It’s already here and I have chosen to believe it. I have received this outpour- ing from God by faith, not by works. As I believe, my life is propelled to prayer, to unity with others, to personal obedi- ence and to sacrifice for kingdom advancement.

Checklist to Ignite Faith: ___ BR ___ RD ___ DD ___OD ___ NF

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